Established before in 2014, Auto Wood is a company active in the Automation industry. In 2016, we have a big changed to the wood processing industry, hope to develop Automation technology into the wood processing industry in Vietnam. Auto Wood wants to bring significant improvements in technology and vision, bringing Automation into the production line.
  The combination of Automation Experience in modern industrial production by Siemens (Germany), Mitsubishi (Japan), plus the practical scrutiny in the woodworking industry, we are confident that Auto Wood has the knowledge Leading in the field of automation in the furniture industry in Vietnam. Auto Wood's main objective is to provide comprehensive Automation Services in the Wood Processing Industry, in the field of furniture, with the following specific services and products:
  •     Consulting machine, design perfect finishing.
  •     Provide machines suitable for the actual project and investment scale.
  •     Software solution to connect the system and production management system.
  •     Service maintenance for factory, production lines.
   Auto Wood continuously update the selection of good machines, suitable, effective of the world's leading companies such as: Homag, SCM, Biesse, IMA, Giben, Holzher, Schelling ... The selection of second-hand machines is done through careful technical inspection, plus a team of dynamic engineers, experienced, Auto Wood certainly bring the products and Quality, bring peace of mind and satisfaction to Partners and Customers.